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EASITax 1099/W2 or Affordable Health Care
$ 99.95 to print, $ 199.95 to e-file, free trial
Our #1 rated EASITax 2015 software includes everything we have learned from 25 years in this business.  This year we are adding a new product, EASITax 2015 for Affordable Health Care Act to handle the new insurance reporting requirements.  Everything runs on Windows 10 through Windows XP and is covered by our no questions asked guarantee.
- No limits (handles up to 100,000 forms)
- Prints on **plain paper or pre-printed forms,
- Easy import from MsExcel or ASCII .csv file
- Form and spreadsheet fill-in modes
- Stores data PRIVATELY local or LAN drive
- Transfers from previous year
- Integrated IRS instructions for each form
- Created with the latest Microsoft technologies
- Windows 10 thru XP
- Fast and free customer support
Best of all, EASITax is easy to use so you can concentrate on the content instead of how to use the software.  We encourage you to download our free trial or go ahead and buy knowing that you can get your money back if it fails to serve your needs in any way.  Customer service is free, fast, and personal.  Call if you have questions or prefer to order by phone, call us at 770-406-8326.
2 Ways to Make it Easier this Year

Simply the fastest and easiest way to get your 1099 and W2 forms done.
Automates the 1099-Misc, 1099-Div, 1099-Int, 1099-R, 1096, W2, and W3.      ...more.

Uses the same award winning user interface as our original product.
Automates the 1095-C, 1094-C, 1095-B, and 1094-B forms.     ...more.

What's New for 2015? 2015 Affordable Care Act
1099-Misc, 1099-Int, 1099-Div, 1099-C, and 1099-R include a new checkbox to indicate if the recipient is an FFI (Foreign Financial Institution). 

1099-Int now includes Box 13 for recording of Tax Exempt Bond interest. Any amount entered here should also be added to the amount in Box 5 of the 1096.

W2 forms now have a box for virtual currency, like BitCoin, paid as wages according to fair market value.

The following errors will cause a W2 to be rejected by the SSA;
  • Medicare Wages and Tips are less than the sum of social security wages and social security tips.
  • Social security tax is greater than zero but social security wages and tips are equal to zero
  • Medicare tax is greater than zero but medicare wages and tips are equal to zero
EASITax for W2 / 1099 handles each of these conditions.
This is the first year that mandatory reporting of health insurance coverage is required.

Form 1095-C is used by employers to report coverage provided to each employee. Form 1094-C is the transmittal summary for the totals of reports being filed.

Form 1095-B is used by insurers to report coverage provided to each employee. Form 1094-B is the transmittal summary for the totals of reports being filed.

EASITax for Affordable Care Act is a new software product we introduced this year to process these forms.

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Federal Filing Guidelines
Recipient Copies - February 1, 2016    Federal Printed Returns - February 29, 2016    Federal e-File Returns - March 31, 2016
State Requirements for Recipient Copies
  1098 1099 DIV 1099 INT 1099 R 1099 S 1099 MISC W2 Deadline
Alabama X X X X X X X 3/15
Arizona       X     X 2/28
Arkansas X X X X X X X 2/28
California X X X X X X X 3/31
Colorado       X   X X 2/28
Connecticut       X   X X 2/28
Delaware       X   X X 2/28
District of Columbia       X   X X 1/31
Georgia       X   X X 2/28
Hawaii   X X X   X X 2/28
Idaho X     X X X X 2/28
Illinois           X X 2/28
Indiana       X   X X 2/28
Iowa           X X  
Kansas X X X X X X X 2/28
Kentucky       X   X X 1/31
Louisiana           X X  
Maine   X X X   X X 2/28, 3/31
Maryland       X X X X 2/28
Massachusetts   X X X   X X 2/28
Michigan       X   X X 2/28
Minnesota X X X X X X X 2/28
Mississippi   X X X X X X 2/28, 3/15
Missouri       X   X X 2/28
Montana X X X X X X X 2/28
Nebraska       X   X X 2/1
New Hampshire                
New Jersey X X X X X X X 2/15
New Mexico       X   X X 2/28
New York           X X 2/28
North Carolina       X   X X 2/28
North Dakota   X X X X X X 2/28
Ohio       X   X X 2/28
Oregon       X   X X 3/31
Pennsylvania       X   X X 2/28
Rhode Island       X   X X 2/28
South Carolina       X   X X 2/28
South Dakota                
Utah       X   X X 2/28
Vermont       X   X X 2/28
Virginia       X   X X 2/28
West Virginia       X   X X 2/28
Wisconsin       X   X X 1/31